Reuben Omelette

An omelette is a great medium to try out different flavor profiles. Just about any savory sandwich or main dish can be turned into an omelette. Think BLT omlette using spinach instead of lettuce, Gyro omelette with gyro meat, feta cheese, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce (one of my favorite late night after-bar breakfasts in Superior WI back in the day), taco omelette, wild rice pilaf omelette, Italian antipasti omelette, the sky’s the limit!

I love corned beef and I had some leftover from making homemade reubens for lunch this week, so I decided to try a reuben omelette for breakfast this morning. I chopped up the corned beef and fried it with some sauerkraut in a pan while I whipped up a couple eggs. I was out of swiss cheese so I used a delicious specialty cheese from the local cheese store; morel and leek monterey jack. Its flavor went well with the tangy beef and kraut. Topped with a drizzle of thousand Island dressing and served with toasted marble rye, this omelette did not disappoint!

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