Programs, Tours and More!

Spring Ephemeral Wildflower Walk Saturday May 4, 2018, 10am-Noon

$5 per person/$10 per family (up to 4 people)

Meet at the Crex Meadows Visitor Center and carpool to the hike site in the Governor Knowles State Forest (about 5 miles away).  Dress for the weather.  The hike will be along an established trail.  Bring water and tick spray (if you desire).  Cameras are welcome.  Plenty of time will be available for photography.

Yellow violet
Yellow violet


I’m for hire!  I do many different presentations and programs about topics such as wild edible plants, harvesting wild rice, photographing wildflowers, historical significance of medicinal and edible plants in the midwest, how to best enjoy and use public lands, and more for libraries, senior centers, schools and the general public.

I lead birding, butterfly, wildflower , photography and general tours of Crex Meadows and Fish Lake Wildlife Areas in Burnett County, Wisconsin.  I can also help new-to-the-area hunters plan out their hunting expeditions and navigate the vast tracts of public hunting grounds in the region.  I am familiar with the various tourism-related businesses, restaurants, hotels and motels, campgrounds, etc. and can help you plan your overall visit to the area.

***GRANTSBURG HIGH*** I can take your soon to be Grantsburg 10th grader out to gather their wildflower collections for biology class, and teach them how to identify their specimens. I won’t do the work for them! Excursions start in early May and continue through mid-August, with bi-weekly or monthly trips available. Up to three students can go at a time, and we follow the state and local laws when we collect the flowers.

I have been exploring the back roads of Burnett County, Wisconin for nearly 30 years.  I worked as a Natural Resources Educator and coordinator of the non-profit organization, Friends of Crex, Inc. for 11 years, and have taught adult and youth wildlife education classes, and wrote a 88 page 232 species wildflower guide on the species found in Burnett County.

Presentation and tour prices vary.  Contact me via email at for more information.

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