Summer Wild Rice

When I think of wild rice recipes, I usually think of fall dishes. But wild rice is a versatile base for many different flavors. My cousin likes to eat it plain with some maple syrup and butter for breakfast. I have made many different wild rice dishes, such as Wild Rice and Venison Meatloaf with Tomato Jam, Wild Rice Meatballs, Another Rice Pilaf, and probably my favorite so far, Wild Rice with Mushrooms and Ramps, which had an amazing flavor and aroma from the wild-harvested ramps.

I have several pounds of wild rice left from Harvesting Wild Rice late last summer, and I needed a side dish to go along with our Dutch Oven Chicken on the Grill that we cooked again this evening. I had some snow pea pods and grape tomatoes in the fridge, and that sounded like a good summery accompaniment to the nutty flavor of the wild rice. I cooked the rice in some chicken broth and a couple dashes Worcestershire sauce. When it was done, I simply added the chopped up pea pods and tomatoes to the pot and let it sit with the lid on (heat off), until dinner was ready. The veggies still had a bit of a crunch to them, which went well with the rice.

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