Highway 70 Landing

I had to drive over into MN this afternoon and decided to stop at the Sandrock Cliffs hiking trail on my way to do a little snowshoeing. I had to adjust the bindings some after my first adventure with my new snowshoes the other day, and I think I have it figured out now. I cheated and strapped my boots onto the snowshoes at home so all I needed to do was slip my feet into the boots, tighten and tie them, and buckle the top strap over the center of my foot. It worked quite well! Although I’m afraid that if I had to strap the shoes on out in the field with the boots already on my feet it would take a lot more time!

The landing is right at the bridge crossing over the St. Croix River on the Wisconsin side. There is a trailhead here for the Sandrock Cliffs hiking trail. Luckily the drive in was plowed.
My new little snowshoes, I love how narrow they are, makes for quite a comfortable stroll thru the snow.

I decided to NOT take the dogs because I wanted to be the first down the trail, but a fox beat me to it!
Wonder what went on here…
The fruit capsule of the American bladdernut tree, which is somewhat rare in these parts, according to UW Green Bay’s awesome tree ID website.
I stop a lot to take pictures, so if you ever go along with me, be prepared!

I’m taking it easy on my ankle so I only traveled about 1/2 way down the trail and back. Next time I will do a longer hike!

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