Venison Stew

Here’s a good recipe for hunting camp. I work at a bulk foods store part time, and I like to test out the products to help market the store to the public. This recipe could be made in a crock pot as well, but I made it for a pot luck at a primitive re-enactment event while I was camping primitively. I wanted a simple recipe that utilized mostly dried bulk products from the store, and that I could cook over the campfire in a cast iron pot.

1/2 cup dried beans (I used heritage mix)

1 cup dried vegetables

1/2 cup dried potato cubes

2 Tbsp garlic/pepper seasoning

2 Tbsp beef base

1 Tbsp salt

1 can diced tomatoes

2 lb venison roast, cubed

6 cups water

Mix all dry ingredients in ziplock bag or glass jar. Keep in dry storage until ready to cook.

Brown venison cubes on all sides in hot cast iron pot, add remaining ingredients. cook for several hours over a low fire until beans are cooked through.

View from camp