Venison Nachos

The great thing about venison is that it is very similar to beef and can replace it in just about any recipe. The first time I harvested a deer my kids told me there was no way they would ever eat venison. So I started by combining the venison with beef, about half and half, in ground beef recipes such as spaghetti and tacos. And I didn’t tell them they were eating venison until AFTER they were done eating it. They never once said it was not good, and before long they were knowingly and enthusiastically eating venison burgers. They especially enjoyed the chislick I made from the next deer I harvested that first year.

My go-to dinner at least once per week for my family is tacos, whether they are beef, chicken or venison. I cook and season the meat, chop up some lettuce, onions and black olives, open a bag of shredded cheese and put out the salsa, taco sauce and sour cream alongside the corn chips and flour tortillas. Its really the simplest meal, and completely customizable so everyone can have what they want. The kids serve themselves, and then I make myself nachos. Nachos are very simple yet so delicious, one of my favorite foods. Simply place some tortilla chips onto a pan, sprinkle on some of the taco meat, cheese and onion, and bake for a few minutes in the oven until the cheese is melted. Then arrange the chips onto a plate and top with lettuce, salsa, black olives, etc. The last step is to eat them and enjoy!

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