Campfire Chicken

John and I spent the day at Wildwood Glen around the first of September cutting small maple trees to clear a path so we can eventually (hopefully sooner than later!) move the camper further back into the woods. We brought along a chicken, some fresh sweet corn and potatoes to cook for dinner. We have a weber grill there, but also an old tire rim that we use for a fire ring. The beauty of this particular rim is that the grate and lid of the weber grill fit onto the rim quite nicely.

The Campfire
We started by building a roaring fire which we would feed with oak logs until a nice base of hot coals develop.
My That's A Big Knife You Have There
John butterflied the chicken by cutting into the breastbone and then cutting open the rib cage in order to spread the chicken out and allow more of the surface to cook, making it cook more evenly over the fire. (He has a weird thing for knives, I think he bought himself two or three new ones this year and must have 30 or 40 others in various locations around the house! Intervention may be needed.)
Hot Coals Ready to Cook!
Once a good base of coals develop, we placed the grill grate onto the rim to get it hot.
We started the chicken fat side down… seems counter-intuitive but the results were awesome!
The grill lid fits nicely on top of the tire rim.  Bricks at the base of the fire ring help move air through the cooking chamber.
Turn the chicken over after a half hour or so and put the corn and potatoes on and replace the cover to cook for another half hour or so.
Don’t worry if the skin burns some or the corn chars. The black bits are so flavorful.
The chicken turned out quite tender and juicy. Cooking over oak adds a delicious smoky flavor to everything.

2 thoughts on “Campfire Chicken

  1. Hi Kimmy,
    This is a great idea! It will be fun to see how your land develops and the adventures you have there over time! Hopefully I make it on the page from time to time.


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