I’ve enjoyed cooking since I was a kid helping my mother to feed our family of seven.  I learned early that I don’t enjoy cleaning all that much, so as I grew older, I worked a deal with my mom that I would do a bunch of the cooking for special occasions such as Thanksgiving, graduation parties, etc. mainly to get out of the extra cleaning involved with having company.  Over the years, I have developed many signature recipes, learned how to bake bread, and cooked gourmet meals and prepared luncheons for events.  My favorite thing is to take a few ingredients and create something new with them, usually by searching the web for recipes and ideas and then using some of one recipe and a little of another and twist it into my own creation.  Here I will post recipes that I feel especially proud of that are somewhat unusual, or just plain delicious!

All About Sourdough

Campfire Biscuits and Gravy

Venison Stew

Spiced Pecans

Swedish Pancakes

Wild Rice Meatballs

Campfire Chicken

World’s Best Cookies

Fleischkuekle (meat pies)