Maple Walnut Pie (with a splash of bourbon)

I made this pie a couple of weeks ago to bring to the Rendezvous that I attended at Forts Folle Avoine. I’ll start with the recipe: Pie filling: 1 cup maple syrup½ cup packed dark brown sugar3 eggs1 ½ Tbsp flour2 Tbsp bourbon1 tsp vanilla extract1/2 tsp salt1/2 tsp cinnamon2 Tbsp melted butter1 cup chopped … Continue reading Maple Walnut Pie (with a splash of bourbon)


I found this quiche recipe that was served at my cousins wedding shower many years ago while sorting through my Grandma’s recipe box. Just about any tame or wild veggie, such as ramps, fiddlehead ferns or nettles could be substituted or added to the asparagus. It is written in my grandmother’s hand. Enjoy!