Canoe River Rendezvous

I attended the Canoe River Rendezvous in Sparta, WI last weekend. Participants enjoyed delicious food served by the Sparta Eagles Club and had a great time tossing hawks, flinging arrows, and shooting muzzleloaders.

Evenings were spent around the fire singing and playing music on guitar, banjo and fiddle by candlelight.

One of the highlights of the weekend for me was my shooting during the black powder competition. We had to shoot at 6 balloons placed down the course. The fastest time was the winner. I did not win, but I believe I came in somewhere around 4th or 5th out of 20 or so competitors, hitting all of my balloons on the first shot each time.

Jim Swanson Man of the Woods tossing hawk… if you look close you can see it in mid-air!

The black powder targets, a series of 6 balloons per shooter.

All the boat race participants

The winner of the 1st annual Canoe River Rendezvous Boat Race

My camp

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