Venture Down To The River

Adeline, Annie and I ventured down to the St. Croix River Valley yesterday evening to look for ramps. On the way down the hillside we stopped to check out the Skunk Cabbage which is emerging all over the place filling the wet areas with its green leaves and purple spathes. We found a couple small patches of ramps when we got closer to the river. I harvested a small amount from each patch, just enough for my own use later. The river is still running pretty high. Annie decided to test out the water. The trail that goes around a small pond is under water. Annie wanted to forge ahead anyway but I insisted that we turn back and follow the trail back the way we came.

A friend who works for the National Park Service mentioned that plants are protected in the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway, so be sure you are not on federal land when you harvest ramps, and be sure to only take one out of ten plants or less, to ensure their continued survival.

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