Wild Ricing Season Fast Approaching

I took a detour on the way to work this morning to conduct a cursory check of the wild rice beds I harvest on. The swarming deer flies chased me down the bumpy tote toad leading to the back side of the flowage, and fiercely greeted me as I got out of my car in the parking lot, so I was hesitant to venture too far down the dike trail to get close enough to see flowering plants. However I was able to determine that the beds are thick with rice plants. I am hopeful that this years harvest will rival last season. Time will tell.

The view from the canoe launch. The light green in the middle of the photo shows the wild rice beds. They cover the entire east side of the flowage, over 100 acres of quality wild rice beds.

If you would like to harvest rice, there are rules you need to follow and equipment that you need. Luckily there is time to prepare! You can fund out more about harvesting wild rice in this article I wrote last year.

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