Candlelight Shoot

I’m spending the weekend at the Goose Creek Rendezvous in Harris MN. Tonight was the candlelight shoot, where each competitor took two shots at lit candles with muzzleloaders shooting round ball with black powder. The shot must not only put out the candle, but it also must hit the wick without hitting the candle itself. Successful shots were checked to make sure the wick was bent, which proves the ball hit the wick and didn’t just blow out the candle when it went past at close range.

There were 12 competitors. I was one of three folks who hit the wick on both shots. On the third round, two of us hit, one missed. On the fourth round, I hit the wick but my competitor missed. So I won the event 😎!!!

What fun! Here are photos of two of my competitors when they shot. Seeing the fire coming out of the barrel is part of what makes this competition so fun!

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